Capital City

Gorod Stolits (Capital City), Москва

Multi functional building Gorod Stolits is a part of the business center Moscow-City, which is one of the biggest investment construction projects in Europe.

Multi functional building "Gorod Stolits" (Capital City) is a part of Moscow International Business Center Moscow-City, one of the biggest investment construction projects in Europe.

The project created by American project bureau NBBJ includes 2 towers named after the two Russian capitals - Moscow and St. Petersburg, 73 and 62 storeys height correspondingly. Moscow tower is already considered to be the tallest building in Europe.

Architect solution of the complex is realized in last century Russian constructivism style. Square-cut towers have shifts around the centre line at the technical floors. Geometry the towers provides construction resistance and allows to create spacious apartments with panoramic windows. The buildings include apartments (101,440 square meters), offices (72,315 square meters), 10,000 square meters of shopping areas located in two levels, parking areas and sports facilities.

European level of engineering solutions creats the feeling of absolute comfort and security. Heat supply is performed through the town mains with connection by the independent scheme through a heating unit. The heating system is two-pipe with horizontal arrangement from central riser. Water supply system provides water from the purification plant. There is a system of water preparation in a special plate-type heat exchanger provided for hot water supply system. The construction of building envisages house-hold and production sewer and groundwater drainage, indoor downpipe for rain and defrost waters disposal from the roofing. The complex features Uponor PEX plumbing and heating, using PPSU connections, which is one of the first experiences of using plastic fittings in such tall buildings.

Technical information

Address: Пресненская наб., д. 8 стр. 1 ММДЦ «Москва-Сити», МФК «Город Столиц», 123317 Москва
Country: Russia
Completion: 01/2008
Project Type: New Build
Building Type: Office
Project size: 100000 m2
Project URL:
Applications: Radiator heating networks 28000m

Developer: Capital Group, Россия
Installer: Tokar, Турция